Independent financial advisors helping individuals with retirement planning, registered investment advisor services, annuity sales, life insurance, mortgages and other financial planning.

Kurtis Barnett
Kurtis Barnett has been passionate about sharing strategies to make and manage money ever since he ordered a financial course at the age of 12 in Fort Dodge, IA. With a marketing degree from the University of Northern Iowa, he moved to Orange County, CA. He began a relentless career search for a financial services firm that allowed him to help everyone ... but most firms catered to only the wealthiest 3% of the population. He hoped to instruct middle income people -- those most needing his help -- in financial planning. Failing to find such a firm, he went to work instead in real estate finance.   Eventually, he and two colleagues formed The Financial Architects (TFA), a full-service firm to teach middle income people the tips and tricks to finally win at the money game. The rules of the “money game,” which dominate America’s financial history, are a mystery to most of the middle class ... How can anyone play, let alone win, a game without knowing the rules?  Kurtis has also been asked to be a speaker for the non-profit bureau, The Society of Financial Awareness (SOFA).  TFA & SOFA are dedicated to providing financial literacy regardless of your net worth or income. Kurtis is the proud son of Dean & Jean Barnett, and has two sisters, Kayla & Karen.  All who still live in Iowa, where Kurtis visits them many times per year.

Katie Fregoso
As a long-time client and then friend of Kurtis Barnett's, Katie has wholeheartedly dedicated her time and great care to The Financial Architects as Operations Manager and Kurtis's right hand. With over 20 years of experience in small business management, she has brought strong operational, organizational and administrative skill to this company.  More importantly, she has brought her passion for personal connection and excellent customer service, which is why you'll always find her on the frontline of the business. Interacting with individuals at educational workshops, assisting in client meetings and hosting special events is where she finds her greatest fulfillment at TFA.  As an enthusiastic animal-lover, Katie owns two rescue cats and enjoys weekend downtime with vinyl records, concerts and plays… or you just may find her sitting on the floor of the local Barnes & Noble, flipping through a science fiction book and enjoying a hazelnut latte. 

Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica has 6 years of customer service and administrative experience, but she gets her attention to detail and strong follow up skills from her theatre training. She holds a BFA in Theatre Management and Production. Although you might still find her running a show from the behind the scenes at a local theatre in her spare time, she prefers to spend most of her time working behind the scenes at The Financial Architects. She is responsible for processing all new business and account maintenance for existing clients. Jessica enjoys going above and beyond for clients and feels rewarded when things go smoothly for them. She also loves dogs, reading, and playing her ukulele.